Our curriculum is very developmental milestone driven. Academic skills, such as Language Arts, Mathematics and Science are centered on monthly themes. This means that these core skills are integrated into monthly themes. Motor skill development, social skill and artistic skills are enriched through outdoor play and art activities. The environment is an integral part of the overall learning objectives of the curriculum. Fun, loving, explorative and informative displays are a necessary part of the learning environment.

core programs


Language Arts (Theme-Based) And Literacy (English, Including Phonics, And Mandarin) 
From Nursery to Kindergarten levels, children will be exposed to two primary languages. Surrounded by Monthly Themes, children is exposed to and guided through stories, songs, rhymes, and writing. For English language, Phonics is introduced in Nursery levels. From Kindergarten Level 1 onwards, Phonics fundamentals increases, to simple sentences to comprehension and Creative writing in Kindergarten level 2. Worksheets are introduced in Kindergarten for the purpose of assessing the children’s progress, and not as a form of grading. Through published development milestones, parents can work with educators, on the progress on their child’s development. Mandarin is another of the primary language. Mandarin language curriculum has an age-level specific comprehensive programs from nursery one to kindergarten levels with clear milestones.

Mathematics (Logical Thinking)
Grace House adopts a very comprehensive and progressive mathematics learning program from “Growing with Mathematics”. It is a language-oriented learning approach, providing comprehensive coverage of topics such as numbers and operations, number bonding and ordering, pattern recognition, volume, reversibility, problem solving. In addition, we combine materials from other hands-on resource; such as beads, blocks, sand, etc. which are excellent teaching aids.

Science (Knowledge And Understanding Of The World)
This program creates awareness about our bodies, the environment around us, nature conservation, simple chemistry, classification, effects of force, effects of gravity, change in the state of matter, cause and effects. These will be taught through gardening activities, nature walks, science projects and experiments. Science topics is introduced via the monthly/term themes.

Physical Development (Outdoor Gross Motor Play)
This activity meets children’s need to be physically active as it affects the development of other domains. Children become physically fit in terms of endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and good health. They learn skills in locomotion, dynamic and static balance, body and space perception, rhythm and temporal awareness, rebound and air borne activities, projectile management and other manipulative motor skills. Playground time is also a time where children learn social and interaction skills. They will negotiate, testing boundaries and communicate with one another in a play group environment.

Arts & Craft 
Creativity is promoted through exploring and working with a variety of materials while respecting and accepting divergent thinking and ideas from other children. The children will be able to express their own ideas and be creative while developing aesthetic appreciation of the visual arts. These are developed through formal instruction as well as free form art activities.

Social And Christian Education
Social and moral instruction is delivered through daily class devotion and weekly chapel sessions. Biblical stories, songs and games are played during class devotion to instill values and for character development.

Non-Classroom Activities


In addition to core curriculum described above, Grace House conducts activities outside the classrooms for the purpose of reinforcing learning.

Memory and association to knowledge in the classroom is dramatically improved when children comes into contact with real world objects. Children learn better when they can relate objects learned from pictures and words in classrooms to real world scenes.

Annual Concert
The year end concert is a major highlight where children of all classes perform for their parents. This is a proud moment for all teachers as the children showcase the dramas and dances, and for parents alike, as parents delight in watching the children perform.

Festive Performances
School will also conduct in-house performances during festival periods, for the purpose of instilling diverse cultural and social background of our ethnic roots.

Thematic Projects
Children will embark on thematic projects, such as Charity Drive, Recycling Campaign. Through these projects, children develop critical skills and understanding about role playing, team work, idea generation, social interaction, giving back to the community and taking care of our environment.

Additional Programs
Additional programs, such as speech & drama classes or music classes may be introduced.